Paying Older Players is Suicide for MLS

The LA Galaxy along with its superstar footballer from Sweden who is known for his flamboyant nature, Zlatan Imbrahimovic might not have gotten the chance to reach the final of the MLS Western Conference. But he proclaimed something strange in 2019 before departing from the season. Many people are seeing his departure as a good decision. When asked about his future, the 38-year-old wisely answered if he stays back then it will be good for MLS as the whole world will be able to watch it. After LA Galaxy got defeated by 5-3 at the semi-final match of the Western Conference to LAFC, he said that nobody will ever remember who MLS was if he doesn’t stay.

Certainly, MLS will not disappear from its existence simply because Ibrahimovic will be retiring or moving on. But if the casual fans are taken into consideration in abroad or in North America who have paid a lot of attention to the antics, then it will be definitely hard to argue whether his departure will have any kind of considerable dent to MLS or not. Many of the other star players like Thierry Henry, Kaka, Wayne Rooney, David Villa, and David Beckham have stopped in the league but no one has been able to combine the kind of personality, controversy, and accessibility that Ibrahimovic has had while playing for MLS.

One of the things that Ibrahimovic did not say is that there are fewer chances for MLS LA Galaxy to win the MLS Cup without him playing for the team. And if the history of the recent past for MLS can be seen, it can be understood that the opposite is true that concerns players who are of Zlatan’s age and fee demands. It cannot be said that older players do not have any impact on MLS LA Galaxy, but there are also instances of them not being able to play.