Swedish superstar, Zlatan Ibtahimovic, a player who has graced the books at European elites clubs like Juventus, Barcelona, PSG and Manchester United admits he has always done things the way he wanted to.

The big Swede has become famous over the years for his cheeky chats with the media and comments he makes about himself. His unique perspective on life has seen the former Manchester United front-man tag himself as “Superman”, with a peculiar talent he claims to have come from his own planet – Planet Zlatan”.

The player, who currently turns out for Major League Soccer club side LA Galaxy, has always enjoyed throwing himself into the spotlight with his cheeky comments, generating headlines and making himself the centre of attention.

A well-travelled and remarkable career has seen him turn out for numerous elite clubs over the years such as Malmo, Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan, Paris St. Germain and Manchester United, in that order.

He made the mammoth decision to leave England last year, considering he was no longer having much of an influence at Manchester United as he did earlier, moving to the United States to represent LA Galaxy.

The nomadic striker has always done things his way and is not prepared to change that just yet.

Speaking to BBC Sport, he said, “I came from my own planet with something no one has seen. I’m a guy from this area that they think is the ghetto. They saw me differently, they did not make me feel welcome, they did not make me feel like everyone else but I came with something else. I came from my own planet, Planet Zlatan.”

Regardless of the ‘ghettos’ he came from, Ibrahimovic has proven himself to be one of the few strikers to have graced the football pitch. He has written his name in the history books.