24 Thoughts on MLS CUP 2012 HIGHLIGHTS – LA Galaxy vs Houston Dynamo, December 1, 2012

  1. im English and I have to say that mls is better than any English football , p.s my fav team is la galaxy

  2. we dont “buy” our trophies. sure we spent big on keane donovan and beckham, but what about juninho, magee, sarvas, delagarza, and omar? face it we have a manager who made great signings even with the salary cap bullshit, so as a proud galaxy supporter (I live in LA) i dont think its fair to say we earned our success off of 3 players alone

  3. As much as I hate to say it, LA are the MLS’s version of the New York Yankees. They’re the most hated/loved team in the country and they’ll do anything they can to win. Even buy cups with big name players. Soon karma will catch up to them though.

  4. NBA gotten boring.. speak for yourself.. you see that 27 pt comeback by my clippers last year???? MLS is on the rise.. Love my Galaxy winning, but NBA is here to stay!

  5. innoutpandaexpresss

    Salary cap is meant to keep the league balanced. Every team has a chance to win, not like in Europe where it’s always the same teams every year. I don’t know how mid and lower table fans can even stand that, knowing their team has no chance to compete unless they get a rich owner.

  6. innoutpandaexpresss

    I’m pretty sure soccer has already surpassed hockey. Hockey is only popular in the norther part of the country. Soccer is all over. It’s probably safe to say soccer is the #4 sport in the nation.

  7. Why are Europeans obsessed over whether or not soccer is big in America. It never will be. Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey. That’s a lot of sports to overcome. Not to mention the NCAA versions of Football and Basketball. So in essence, soccer is number seven behind hockey. So European soccer fans just let it go already. After all, you don’t hear basketball fans talking smack about European hoops, or American baseball fans talking smack about Japanese baseball now do you?

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