25 Thoughts on PLAYOFF HIGHLIGHTS: San Jose Earthquakes vs LA Galaxy, November 7, 2012

  1. RED CARD for lenhart……..what a baby….. be a man if youre losing you
    “goonie”… just a goon more like

  2. innoutpandaexpresss

    That’s still not an excuse. Trying to tell yourself that you’re not being
    childish. Pathetic.

  3. The difference was Bernardez coming out with an injury and playing Opara
    plus LA playing defensive, counterattacking style.. The Quakes need a
    better attacking midfielder than Baca and another good central defender
    apart Bernardez. The Quakes will bounce back next season.

  4. innoutpandaexpresss

    Nope, I just voiced a disagreement. You’re the one ranting on this video
    for weeks. It’s not too hard to see who the asshurt loser is here.

  5. Were you at the game? Because Donovan was going down any time anyone got
    near him and was complaining to the refs. It was actually really sad to

  6. they play two games, one in each others field, san jose had one goal
    aggregate cause the score in the first game was 1-0 in their favor. hope
    this helps you understand.

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