25 Thoughts on HIGHLIGHTS: LA Galaxy vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

  1. Goalkeeper has to cover one side, the wall needs to have the other. The
    wall should of jumped higher.

  2. Sold out? There are more empty seats there than were at the olympics. And I
    was referring to the atmosphere from crowds at MLS games – complete wank

  3. ooOOOoo good one, i bet you don’t remember one of America’s so called best
    teams losing 5-3 to one of ours (3 goals in 20 minutes). Although i will
    admit recently our national team has been a bit off. It’s funny that you
    assume i’m butt-hurt.

  4. Most ppl can’t do them at all, so for a footballer, they’re pretty good.
    It’s admirable that he can do them at all.

  5. If you don’t like the mls, stop watching our videos. I can’t wait til the
    day that players wanna play here instead of England because honestly
    England would be horrible place to live. Mls is still new compared to other
    leagues and we ate already like 8th in the world in attendance. Stop
    bashing our league because you have such an I hate America outlook.

  6. Wow people texting during the game, give me your tickets if you have
    something better to do

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