25 Thoughts on HIGHLIGHTS: LA Galaxy vs Seattle Sounders

  1. I’m supporting the soccer team, I grew up watching. I love my country (US),
    but we’re talking about a sport here one that’s just played better else
    where. Tone it down with “the country that gives me opportunities,” I make
    money outside these borders too.

  2. La galaxy still better . They didnt get a foul when hutado pushed omar. We
    scored with free lick fairly

  3. Not by much. The gap is closing quickly. A lot of the players that whipped
    mexico’s ass a few weeks ago play or have played in MLS.

  4. The struggle’s temporary joseph, you USMNT fans bring up what’s always
    convenient but the truth is – this young Mexican team’s – talent is far
    better then the aging US golden era.., they’ve been lead by bad management.
    Mexico’s the King of this conference, imagine Concacaf without its king.(?)
    it would be shittier then it already is.

  5. Your team that’s below Seattle in the standings, LOL! Get a frickin life
    bro, you’ve been trolling every Sounders’ game highlights for weeks.

  6. Eddie Johnson is currently the US’s inform striker. without it would be
    Jozy, but he doesn’t get much time to play. Zardes is gonna be something
    special for the US. Man Eddie got hops and great heading, what a threat !

  7. Nismo kid haha dude as of right now The USMNT are better then Mexico
    doesn’t matter gold cups that happened 2 4 years ago The US has grown and
    Mexico is struggling so bringing up past results for years ago means nothing

  8. Haha.! Sounders ALMOST beat Santos b-teamers – nice, argument fail. Fück
    Azteca, how what two A-team Gold Cup Finals in the US, Mexico 9 goals to US
    2. Now what..? That’s right.. You’re done.

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