25 Thoughts on HIGHLIGHTS: LA Galaxy vs FC Dallas, August 26, 2012

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    cool – I did not knwo you could find this on youtube

  2. Blueshark Chernomorets

    We are “The Sharks” of Bourgas – Bulgaria(FC”CHERNOMORETS” – ПСФК

  3. That should have been a f****** red card on the Dallas goalie tripping
    Juninho on purpose like that f*** that GK i`d like to see him land on his
    face and still go on like Juninho!!! That should have been a straight up

  4. I have seen guys thrown out of games for lesser blows to the face. That
    just as well could have been a red just as easily as it could have been a
    yellow. It comes down to the refs discration.

  5. I dont understand your very first sentence at all. Whos “we”? I dont have
    the EPL… Although i watch it. And how are YOU gonna tell ME that i feel
    embarassed? Can you read peoples emotions through a computer? ’cause im
    certainly not feeling embarrased. You probably WISH i did though… And so
    the ref was confused huh? how many times does that happene in football?
    LOTS. Why shouldnt it happen to a fan of football?

  6. Como me gustaria jugar hay , soy de argentina , zurdo , juego en quilmes de
    Enganche 😐 Es Un Sueño jugar en Galaxy FC

  7. Don’t act all high and mighty just because we have the EPL. MLS is actually
    quite technical. Maybe not as fast or competitive, but good to watch.
    You’re embarrassing yourself, because it was a RED CARD so learn the rules
    before you throw out insults. Foul on the last man heading towards goal in
    a one-on-one situation with the goal keeper with no covering defender- RED
    CARD. What confused the Ref was that he wasn’t in full control of the ball.
    Still a RED CARD. You’re an embarrassment!

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