Bruce Arena has made it clear that Steven in Club wont change captaincy

Bruce Arena has made it clear that even after the arrival of Steven Gerrard in the middle of this year; there would be no change in captaincy at Los Angeles Galaxy.

It had been thought that Gerrard’s arrival might mean him replacing Robbie Keane as skipper of the team.

Gerrard was also supposed to take over the job of taking the penalty shots for Galaxy once he makes his way in.

But, according to Arena, both the captaincy as well as the penalty taking job is assigned to Keane at this point in time and until, he shows patchiness in doing that or expresses his desire to quit, he would continue.

Gerrard is obviously a big name and with him coming to the Major League soccer, the American Football is only going to get better.

But, Arena does not seem to be going to give the big man any special treatment. His way of speaking suggests that he would take Gerrard just as any other player.

When asked if it’s likely for Gerrard to be appointed captain straightaway as the rumours are going around, Arena said, “We are not slotting him in as captain’s substitute. He’s just being added to the club. He is the new signing. Being a great player, I am sure he would provide us immense strength in our midfield, but, as far captaincy is concerned, I think Robbie is doing fine and he would keep leading us till the time he himself decides otherwise.”

Gerrard would reach Los Angeles only when half the ongoing season is over there in America.

Galaxy has played a couple of games in this new season and with a draw and a win, they are at no. 2 in the Western Conference table.